Talmadge, San Diego, CA

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Talmadge is located on the eastern edge of the City of San Diego just south of Mission Valley. The area takes its name from the Talmadge sisters–Norma, Constance and Natalie. All of the sisters were notable silent film stars.  Norma was married to John Shenick, president of United Artists Corporation.  Shenick and his brother-in-laws, working with real estate developers Roy and Guy Lichty, subdivided the Talmadge community in the 1920s. Three streets of the sub-division were named for the famous sisters, and they attended the openings and other events.

Originally designed to be a self-contained residential district that was advertised as a place where children could go to school from kindergarten through college without ever leaving, Talmadge is remains a charming place to live and work near to the heart of the city.

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