Old Town, San Diego, CA

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Old Town is located just below the site of the original Presidio created to protect the Spanish settlers from the Indians. The town was the first European settlement in San Diego and is now a California State park.

Its adobe structures, built by the first settlers, have been restored to look as they might have in the early 1800s, and the area is a thriving tourist attraction. There are a number of shops that specialize in Mexican imports, decorator items and the arts. Numerous restaurants serve various cuisines. A blacksmith, newspaper office and woodworking shop offer glimpses of early industry in the area.

Homes in this area are often Craftsman bungalows, many with colorful gardens. Parking can be a challenge with the daily influx of tourists. The area is now on the trolley route and that helps alleviate the congestion. Residents and tourists alike find Old Town a pleasant destination for a meal and a look at how San Diego lived its earliest days.

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